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Registration 2020:


Central Dekalb Youth Football Association registration fees are as follows for football & cheer:
Early Bird Registration – Football ($135) – Cheer ($60) –  Track ($165) – Until Jan 1st
Regular Registration – Football ($175) – Cheer ($100) – Until June 30th – Track ($180 until Feb 1st)
Late Registration – Football ($185) –  Cheer ($115) – Track ($200 on or after Feb 1st)

Early Bird registration is only available via the website at Early registration for football & cheer is for the months of February and March.   Online registration is available on the park website (, you can register online at any time before June 30th. ALL PARENTS MUST TURN IN AN ORIGINAL CERTIFIED COPY OF THE STATE ID ONCE PRACTICE STARTS.


*It is Central Dekalb Youth Football Association policy that no person registered as a sex offender be allowed within 1000 feet of Central Dekalb Youth Football Association events.

 Formation of Teams:

Track Teams – All registered participants who sign up in good faith will participate in the parks track program and meets.  The participants eligibility date is December 31 of the previous year for track.  Track is open to both boys and girls.

Football Teams – Central Dekalb offers unlimited weight, single age group football. All kids are placed on a team regardless of size, experience, or ability. All kids that register in good faith will be placed on a team.  Tryouts will be used for placement purposes only. Central Dekalb will offer two different levels of play(if sufficient registration numbers allow) to make sure every kid is placed in an environment best suited for the development of that child. No kids are guaranteed to be placed on the team of their choice. Central Dekalb does not have a playing time rule, though all coaches are encouraged to get every kid in every game.

Cheerleading Teams – Tryouts will be used for placement purposes only, and all who sign up in good faith to participate may not be arbitrarily cut. Central Dekalb is a competitive program open to all skill levels.

Participants’ age is as of July 1 of the current year for football and cheer.


The registration rate for all programs is outlined above

Out of county fee is $15.00.

Sponsorship Rewards:

We are giving each parent a chance to receive free registration through our park sponsorship program. Every parent that secures a sponsorship donation to the park of at least

$500 will receive a free registration. This sponsorship program is for donations made to Central Dekalb of at least $500, and not any specific team. The sponsorship program grants one free registration for every $500 worth of sponsorship given directly to CDYFA. This does not include any portions that are given to your child’s team. If you have already registered your child, you will receive a registration refund for the amount you paid at registration. Registration reimbursement under this policy will be awarded once Central Dekalb receives the funds from the business entity.



Form of Payment:

We accept cash, credit cards or money orders. All monies are due at the time of registration. No checks accepted.


Refund Policy:

The refund policy for Central Dekalb will be strictly enforced. If a football player/cheerleader withdraws, the parent must notify the Registrar no later than the first official day of practice, at which time the parent will receive a full refund, less a $15 administrative fee. On or after that date, a refund of $50.00 will be given up to August 1. There will be no refunds given after August 1. Refund policy is enforced whether or not your child attends any practices. For Track all refunds must be requested prior to March 1, after that date you can receive a refund of $50.  No track refunds will be issued after April 1.


State IDs:

All parents must provide the park with an original state ID card. They should be turned in to the child’s coach or team mom prior to August 1st.


Mandatory Park Fundraiser

Fund-raiser dates and times TBA.


Picture Day

All team and individual pictures will be scheduled by the park. All football players and cheerleaders are to be fully dressed in their uniform choice of the team. All football and cheerleading teams are to report to Wade Walker Park at their appointed times.



Each child is required to have a physical. Your physical must be current and taken within 1 year of the end of the sports season you are registering to participate. This includes track, football players, and cheerleaders. (No Exceptions)



All teams will have an end of the year banquet. Your Team Mom and Coaches will be responsible for making all of the necessary arrangements for the end of the season banquet. The Team Mom will provide you with all the details surrounding this event.


Practice and Game Schedule

Practice for Football and Cheerleading will begin on July 5th. Practice is held Monday – Friday until August 5th.  Once school begins, practice will be only three (3) days a week.

All practices are held at Wade Walker Park. Please try to have your child to practice on time. Please remember to be on time to pick up your child after practice. Each team will set its own times for practice not to last later than 8:30pm on school nights.

Games are usually played on Saturdays. The actual days that the games will be played will be determined once the schedule has been finalized by the league. Central Dekalb has no control or input over the league schedule. Once the league schedule has been issued, we will issue it to the coaches to pass along to all parents.

Track practices will be held on days determined by the respective coaches.  The practices will alternate between Wade Walker Park and a local school track


Player Certification

Each football player will have to attend the pre-season certification. Each team will be given a date and time to certify their players. Your Team Mom will notify you of the date and time your child is scheduled for certification.

Parents please make the necessary arrangements, so that your child does not miss certification. There will be no make-up dates. If your child misses or does not make certification, CDYFA will not refund your money and your child will not be allowed to participate in league games. You must provide your team mom with your child’s original birth certificate as listed above.  There is no league certification for track.


Equipment Information CHEERLEADING

Additional items that may be needed for cheerleading that CDYFA does not provide are:

  1. Uniform – **REQUIRED
  2. Briefs
  3. Socks
  4. Ribbons
  5. Pompoms
  6. Bags
  7. Raincoats
  8. Socks & Hair bows – **REQUIRED
  9. Body-liners – $15 **REQUIRED
  10. Winter sweats – $45 **REQUIRED
  11. Shoes – Youth $35, Adult $45 **REQUIRED


  1. Practice Gear – $15 (shorts & t-shirt)



CDYFA will furnish game jersey and game pants.

Additional items needed for football that CDYFA does not provide are:

  1. Helmets
  2. Shoulder Pads
  3. Shoes (cleats)
  4. Pads that go inside the pants
  5. Mouth piece
  6. Practice pants


**Depending on your team, additional items may be needed. This will be at the Parent or Guardian’s expense. Check with your Coach and Team Moms for details.


***All football uniforms furnished by CDYFA are the property of CDYFA and must be returned upon completion of the season. No exceptions will be made. Parents, please be prepared to turn in all uniforms required to be returned at the end of your child’s last game. Each football player will be allowed to retain one game jersey, returning the other.

If the uniforms are not returned, CDYFA will exercise its rights under the Fair Debt Collection Act to collect the equipment and uniforms. CDYFA reserves the right to seek counsels and file a civil lawsuit against any parent(s) that does not return the equipment and uniforms belonging to CDYFA.